For Women who want BOTH: businesses that thrive and relationships that rock!

Clean Slate 1I could spend this entire page listing my achievements, lamenting over my failures, or combining both to show you my “comeback kid” story… but none of that would help you.  It might be inspirational for a moment, motivational for a few minutes, and help you create momentum for about a week… but then what?

The reality is that we all came into this world to fulfill key purposes… but when happens when your dreams get derailed?  When you wake up one morning and find that you’ve fallen into the hamster wheel of life… and there’s no sign of getting out any time soon?

I’m here to remind you that your life is totally up to you… EVERY bit of it… and if you’re ready to ditch the “life plan” you created when you were 18, if you’re tired of playing life by other people’s rules, if you’re sick of doing the hamster dash day in and day out, working too much, sleeping too little, and living even less, then you’ve come to the right place…

This all started because I wanted to have more babies.  I was 35, remarried, and, after 5 years of trying to get pregnant, we FINALLY got pregnant… only to lose the baby at 6 weeks and the day before Thanksgiving.  Fast forward through the grief, sadness, the many, many pity parties and the sudden realization that, yes, in fact, my biological clock was TICKING and you have me standing at 37 (well, two months away from 37), saying to myself, “There’s got to be ANOTHER WAY!”

Another way to make a living so my life isn’t so crazy, my sleep isn’t so little, and I’m not fighting for the right to be alive spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Another way to create income sources (multiple) and use my talents (both God given and the ones I’d gain through YEARS of education and training) that would also allow me the freedom to mother all of my children MY WAY, spending as much time with my kids as I want without the worry, fear or concern of “What’s due when?” at work.  Another way to live my life where I’m not rushing all the time, too busy to even take a bath a night, and so rushed that time with my husband consists of ten minutes before bed.  I wanted a DIFFERENT way of living and I KNEW it was possible… Yes, I’m the boss applesauce but I wanted to run my own show… my WHOLE show, not pieces of it.

And so the journey begins…

I’m going for my personal and financial freedom and as I go on my journey, I want to help you with yours.  Remember: We lift as we climb… Let’s get there together!


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