Coach With Me

Are you ready to ditch the “life plan” and jump full force into life’s adventure?

Let’s go!

Clean Slate 1I offer private phone strategy and/or Skype coaching sessions.

Here are the coaching packages I offer:

BUSINESS REDESIGN SESSION. Dive in.  Rediscover.  Decide.  Go from chaotic and confused to clear and captivating.  It’s not about having everything you have.  Join me for a 90 minute biz redesign session where we dive in deep, get clear on what you do and do not want in your business, and come out with decisions made, plans in place, and you’re business headed in a new direction.  This session includes an MP3 recording, coaching email recap, and 90 day action plan.  90 minutes. $300.00

BEYOND THE GAP. Restructure.  Revamp. Revitalize. You’ve done the biz redesign session and you’re ready to implement the 90 day action plan but you know that life’s going to happen.  You know that the moment you begin to clear life clutter and open yourself up to new possibilities, some of the limiting beliefs you’ve held will rear their ugly heads.  You know that people who love you may not be totally on board with the your level of business focus and resistance may come.  And you know that you’ll need the support, accountability, and thinking partner that comes when you go beyond the gap.  In these four 60 minute, bi-weekly coaching sessions, we’ll work strategically to implement your 90 day plan, create contingency plans you’ll use when “life happens” and set up beautifully healthy boundaries to handle the resistance that will come (from within and without) when you finally make the choice to have BOTH.  With this package, you go from planning to implementation and you don’t do it alone.  This coaching package includes four 60 minute coaching sessions (via telephone or Skype), 4 coaching email recaps, a 90 day action plan, and supporting worksheets.  4 sessions, 8 weeks. $800.00

FULL THROTTLE. On course.  On purpose.  On fire! Change is starting and, with change, comes fear.  Will they still love me when my business is skyrocketing?  Will I have to sacrifice something?  What has to stay?  What has to go?  Any time you go from being who you were to who you know you can be, change occurs and, with change, comes transition.  In this intensive, mastery-level coaching experience, you get the ultimate in resources, tools, support, and access, including e-coaching, texting, web conferencing and MORE… This package is for the woman entrepreneur who knows she deserves the best and can handle being challenged to step up her game to the highest level.  We will move through the process of discovery and dive into business redesign as we embark upon a six month journey of transformation and change.  If you are looking for the Jaguar of coaching experiences, this is it!   This package includes MP3 recordings and transcripts of all coaching sessions, worksheets/handouts/guides, a 120 day action plan, and unlimited e-coaching and text coaching.  6 months.  $1,000/month

To schedule your a session, please use the ‘Contact’ Page to send me a message and we can confirm a mutually beneficial day and time to meet.


Our sessions will be scheduled at a time that works for the both of us.  When we work together, I’m focused WHOLE mind on PRESENT action.  Please be sure that you have a quiet, focused space in which to conduct the session.  Please be mindful of the length of our session.  If our session goes beyond the allotted time, additional charges may be applied according to the above pricing structure.

All sessions must be paid for in advance via PayPal.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, when calling, if you have a blocked phone number, please enter *82 prior to dialing. No calls will be accepted from telephone numbers that are blocked or “unavailable.”


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