The She Runs The Show podcast is a mindset podcast for women entrepreneurs. A new episode airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hosted by Kassandra Vaughn, She Runs The Show is on a mission: to help women entrepreneurs have BOTH: businesses that thrive and relationships that rock!  Our mission is to provide women entrepreneurs with the inspiration, information, and confidence they need to not only achieve their goals but live their dreams.  By doing that, we transform the world.

Our daughters can only rise to the level of power they see in their mothers.  Our sons will only value women to the extent that they see their mothers value themselves.  And while motherhood and wifedom are honorable parts of life, so too is the entrepreneurial vision of women around the world… and we want more women building businesses that matter and creating empires that thrive.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur and your business isn’t where you want it to be, listen in.

If you’re a woman entrepreneur and you can’t seem to build up the confidence to take your business to the next level, download an episode.

If you’re an ultra-successful woman entrepreneur who feels out of balance, overwhelmed and simply not happy in life, this podcast was created for you.

You were never meant to choose between financial freedom and personal joy.  You were born, built and meant to have both… and this is the podcast that will show you how.

Interested in being a guest?

Send your bio, website, and a letter of interest to Kassandra Vaughn, Host and Executive Producer to sherunstheshowpodcast @ gmail dot com.

Listen to the latest episode of She Runs The Show on iTunes at http://tinyurl.com/sherunstheshowpodcast