Stop Weighing the Risk- It all works out anyway… (Read Time: 3 min.)

other side of fear 2If I told you how many sleepless nights I spent weighing the pros and cons of a particular decision, it would amaze you… and what I’m discovering is a really profound, freeing truth:

It all works out anyway…

Sounds trite, doesn’t it?  It’s absolutely true.  So often, we play out decision trees in our minds: “If I do this, then that could happen…” or “If I go in that direction, then what if this happens?”  But there’s no crystal ball to give us the specifics.  Yes, we can pay for psychics and astrologists or we can run our numerology charts (by the way, I love numerology) but, at the end of the day, the lives we live are based on the daily choices we make and every choice will lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be.  Now, if you’re like me, you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, I get that but I’d rather get to the Promised Land without the 40 years spent wandering in the wilderness, thank you very much.”  Agreed.  Why spend three straight years in the spiritual 6th grade if you don’t have to?

But, let’s reconsider this resistance to learning…

What if you get more from your wanderings than you do from your arrivals?  

What if the ‘in betweens’ of life (and so much of life is the ‘in between’) is so priceless and so precious to who you are becoming that you could never get to your level of greatness over there without feeling stuck ‘in between’ over here?  

What if God knows exactly what He’s doing and the only thing  He’s waiting on you to do is have faith and keep it moving?  

What if life is a safe, friendly place that you can put your trust in and boldly step out on? 

What if the mistakes don’t matter? 

What if the choices are more than you could ever imagine but each one takes you to the exact next step you need to be at?

What if your fear wasn’t a signal for you to stop but a sign for you to reconsider, re-stratregize, and boldly try again? 

What if you are strong enough to fail forward?

What if you are brave enough to create the life you really wish you had?

And what if all the non-sense and all the drama and all the setbacks were really signs saying, “Babe, your standards are too low… Go higher!” 

What if, at the end of your life, you could look back and see that not only did you achieve your goals but you lived your dreams… and had happiness all the way through the process?

Yeah, you can do that… Stop weighing the risk and go for the gold.  The moment to do it is… you guessed it… RIGHT NOW…


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