I took a break and now I’m back… (2 min.)

Kass Pic 1It’s taken me weeks longer than I expected to come back to She Runs the Show.  I’ve been in a mode of self-reflection the past few months… and between all the self-reflection and all the business plan considerations… and a few health scares… I spent some time asking, “Am I running myself too hard, too fast, doing too much?”  So I slowed down… REALLY slowed down… I started doing crazy things like getting 7 hours of sleep a night and going on a weekend getaway, having one day a week where I do NO work and pursuing other things that I used to do like crocheting.  I started to ask myself important questions like, “What’s fascinating about me?  What needs to be in my life?  What needs to go?  How can I bring the sexy back?”  All super important questions that I’d been using work to avoid answering… and now I’m answering them.

Reflection has its benefits… and its costs… It suddenly dawned on me today, while cycling on a spin bike, that I missed She Runs the Show.  I missed writing these posts.  I missed spouting the truths I know about being a woman in charge of her life.  I felt ready to come back to all of this.

Will it be the same as it was before?  No, it won’t.  I was working way too much before, sleeping way too little, and my health finally caught up with me.

Is my message going to be the same?  Probably not.  Woman breadwinner is a nice term but my focus is going to shift from talking about the title to communicating about the lifestyle- how you get to create it, define it, dream it and live it.

Is it all going to be worth reading?  Absolutely!

Stay tuned…


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