Want to Be Featured in The Huffington Post? Read this… (Read Time: 2 min.)

Huff PostHave you ever wondered how entrepreneurs get featured in the Huffington Post?  

Or write articles from Entrepreneur, Success, Forbes or Fortune Magazine?

That was my question too!  For years, I’ve wanted to write for HuffPost and, no matter who I asked, I couldn’t get an answer on how all of that works.  While The Huffington Post has its own submission page, what I’ve come to discover about the whole process is this:

1) There are way too many submissions that the editors NEVER get to

2) Submitting through their ‘submit’ page is NOT the way to go

So how do you get featured (and, thus, share your knowledge, expertise, and brilliance with the world)?

Two words: guest blogging.

I’m going to warn you.  This process takes time (we’re talking AT LEAST 6 months here) and it’s not for the people who are looking for immediate results.  This is for those who are willing to be persistent, consistent and give 100% (i.e. their best work) to smaller sites first and, as 6-12 months of this consistency goes on, become diligent about reaching out directly to key editors at the larger magazines and sites.

So… are you ready for a play-by-play breakdown of how to get the ball rolling?  Good, listen to this week’s Monday Method on the She Runs The Show podcast and learn how to create a guest blog posting system.

By the end of today’s episode, you’re going to learn:

  • What guest blog posting is and why it’s critical to building your brand
  • The 3 main goals behind guest blogging
  • How to find guest blogging opportunities
  • The 8 simple steps to creating a guest blog post system



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