The ONE thing you need to do to change ANYTHING… (Read Time: 3 min.)

woman 25There’s something about your life that you want to change… and you want it changed NOW, right?

You have a goal, a dream, a lifestyle change and you want it BADLY and, yet, you aren’t getting the job done.  Sound familiar?

How can you “make” yourself do what you know you NEED to do consistently and persistently so you make it to your goal?

I hear this question ALOT.  I ask myself this question EVEN MORE.  And the answers have come from many different sources and in many different ways but the most successful response with the greatest return on investment came by asking myself one question:

What will it cost me if I don’t?

Tony Robbins poses that question in the book “Awaken the Giant Within” and he speaks of this question in his audio coaching programs.  It’s one question with a whole lot of impact.  Why?

Because far too often we subconsciously ask ourselves, “What will it cost me if I DO?”  We think about our dreams or goals and we say:

  • It’ll cost me money I don’t have if I…
  • It’ll cost me time that I don’t have if I…
  • It’ll cost me relationships that I don’t want to lose if I…

We’re always thinking about what going to the next level of life will cost us in terms of time, money, relationships, energy, resources, and relationships.  By doing that, we zero in on the pain of achieving our goals and dreams, forgetting the entire time of the absolute pleasure that comes in achieving what we were born to achieve.  So if you’re grappling with a major life change, if you’re looking for a solution to your procrastination on a BIG life dream, if you’re waiting for the “right time” or the “right place” or the “right stroke of luck” to take you to that next level, stop overanalyzing, investigating and waiting!  Simply ask yourself the question and give yourself a solid ten minutes to catastrophize the most extreme answer you think possible.  Yes, I said catastrophize.  When you answer this question, you need to walk your mind through ALL of the worst things that could happen if you don’t make this happen.  You need to make yourself get real with what you REALLY risk losing if you don’t make this move.  You have to have what I call a get-it-together talk with yourself where you say, “Listen darling.  You can keep going this way and keep getting the same thing you’ve always gotten but if you keep going this way, here are all the ugly, nasty, sucky consequences you’re going to get… Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.”

Yes, have that conversation with yourself.  Do it with ONLY ONE issue in your life (If you try to answer this question with three or four of your goals, you’ll get overwhelmed; don’t do it). Do it NOW!


So… talk to me.  What goal are you not pursuing and what will it cost you if you don’t make this happen? 

I’m reading and responding to your comments:)


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