What’s Numerology Got to Do With Your Business? EVERYTHING… (Read Time: 2 min.)

NumbersNumerology, or the science of divining information about life through numbers, is a science that is over 4,000 years old!  Here’s how it works:

The day, date, and time you were born are no accident.  Numbers vibrate throughout the Universe and, when you were born, you were born at a certain numerical vibration and frequency.  This is also felt in the name you were given at birth (and your current name if you’ve married or changed your name).  All in all, your numerological chart tells you a number of things:

1) Who you are

2) What your called to fulfill in your life in order to be happy

3) Who you are AND are not compatible with in terms of relationship (both professional and personal)

4) How to change the vibration of your space, place, or relationships to better align with your numbers

It’s fascinating stuff!

Here’s what’s more fascinating:


Crazy?  Weird?  Foo Foo?  Absolutely!

But all you have to do is run your numbers and the numbers of those around you and what you quickly discover is this:

Numbers don’t lie… In business or Numerology.

So how do you use numerology in your life and business?

Click below and listen to the latest She Runs The Show podcast to find out:



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